Sunday, June 20, 2010

The More the Merrier...

Excitement is building for our "Urban Barn" Street Faire.
Friday, June 25th & Saturday 26th

We are completely full of Street Vendors to showcase all their treasures...
Please confirm with us if you have not already...
We are making lots of room for over 20 tents for our wonderful friends and customers to visit.
Old -fashioned soda pop and cuppy-cakes will be a treat for those weary shoppers.
Workshops with Miss Tricia of "Vintage Bliss" and Lisa Loria of "Vintage Bling"
still have a few spots available.
Rita of "MamaBellArte" will have her lovely creations available in our Craft Cafe.
We can't wait to see you....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Street Faire and Flea Market, Friday June 25-Saturday 26th..

So much excitement is building for our  "Street Faire" in our new Escondido location.
We still have a few spots left for vendors and would love to bring in some new artisian local talent to our celebration.
Homemade Jams, Packaged refreshments and even Organic Cosmetics will be making a debut...
Please call Mary with any new ideas you would like to discuss...310-490-0434
"Urban Barn" IS on the cutting edge with Vintage flair and L.A. attitude...
We are fresh and you will be surprised at the huge, hipster clientele we entertain...Like You!
Be looking for "Urban Barn" in a few little lifestyle magazines we all know and love.

Workshops are filling up but we would love to show off our new classroom and entertain any friends that would love to come by and visit.
As always, new Vintage treasures are coming through our garage doors everyday....

"Urban Barn" Family..Miss Sandra Finn

Her name is as elegant and beautiful as her personality and style.
Sandra's style is unforgettable and recognizable as Industrial meets functional design and display.
Her color palette is linen white, taupe and feminine gray with a splash of masculine black while maintaining her signature polished sense of balance and proportion.
Sandra joined "Urban Barn" before the big move to Escondido.
Her clients come in everyday to see what magnificent piece she scoured the streets for to repurpose into Vintage everyday use.
Her smile, grace and beauty add an irreplaceable charm and certainly a reason to keep visiting our "Urban Barn" family.
Sweet Sandra.

It's just around the corner....

"Urban Street Faire"

Frilly. Fabulous. Fun.

Don't you just love to add new touches to your home that update it from season to season and keep the space feeling fresh?  I do. 

I took a step back today to absorb the new goodies and was so so so pleased with everyone's picks and fresh eye on the current trends.  You must come see the new industrial tables that are so chic.  
 Mix-and-match with some tattered French chairs and you have a dining space that your friends and family will never want to leave.  Aren't some of the best meals shared around a casual table with impromptu guests?

  We'll hope you'll come be our guest during the street faire...we promise to 
treat you well and keep you entertained.  

Urban Street Faire
Friday & Saturday June 25th & 26th

Thanks to the wonderful Diane at M + M Photography for the beautiful photo collage.  She is fabulous at using Urban Barn one-of-a-kind vintage goods in her shots!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Repurposed Beauty...

We recently ran across these unique ceramic coils for antique heating units in older buildings.
There are stunning as an interesting architectural collection
or as you can see simply divine as flower frogs.
Prices range from $15.00 - $30.00

"Baby Got Bling"...

Lisa Loria just added this wonderful class to our
June25 & 26th line-up of super stars!

"Baby Bling"
Saturday, June 26th

Get details by giving us a ring or stopping by to pick up a schedule.

"Urban Barn" Street Fair & Flea Market, Friday June 25 & Saturday, June 26

Mark your calendars...
"Street Fair" starts at 9:00am
Barn opens at 10:00am...
NO there won't be a ferris wheel but you will feel just as giddy when you see all the new street vendors and vintage goodies to discover.
We do have a few new tricks up our sleeves....

MIss Marah Visits "Urban Barn"....

Nationally known Marah Johnson stopped by to check out our new digs.
Marah's papers and creations have been as popular and sold out as soon as she creates them....
We are so lucky...
 She practically lives in our backyard in Vista, Ca.
 You know that means we are up to planning something BIG!

"Urban Barn" Family...Miss Sherry Mattia Welch

Miss Glamerella Junk herself, our Sherry.
Her personality sparkles more than the beautiful jewels in any of her creations....
From hand-dyed slips, vintage gem encrusted flowers or her grungy glittery t-shirts we all know and love...
This sista is a non-stop creative thought in motion...
Sherry's laugh is contagious, her warmth has been a constant over the years with Linda at the Barn.
Sherry is unstoppable and has received national coverage in Somerset's "Jewelry Affaire" magazine for her one of a kind crystal neclaces.

WE all need Sherry's joy of life, art and FUN....
Love you, Girl....


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prettiest Petticoats...

Start with Art in Your Life...

"Urban Barn Craft Cafe" has got quite a line up for you the next few weeks.
Talented women are sharing thier love and knowledge of their craft.

Workshops are selling out quickly so please give us a call at the Barn to sign up.
Miss Lisa Loria of "The Winged Muse" will also be teaching June 26th.
Call for details, ask for Mary or leave your name and number.

We can't wait to create with you....

Fashion, Friends & Lots of FUN!

Last Friday's "Sex in the City" party was a smashing, sexy soiree.
Friends sipped on frozen bueberry martinis as the Morrocan theme was displayed throughout the barn.
Thank you to every single lady who showed up...of course everyone's battery on their camera was dead but I think we will have a few shots later this weekend from Miss Donna.
We will also be staying open late this Friday night as well until 7:00pm with some tasty refreshments and fabulous new merchandise for you to scoop up...