Saturday, July 31, 2010

Travel Plans...?

Check out summer at "Urban Barn".

Made in the shade with Lakeside Luxury....

Maybe Hollywood Boutique Hotel is more your style...

Whatever your travel plans are make sure they include a visit to the Barn...
We can't wait to see you....

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Lipstick Ranch" K.C. Willis' Wonderful Ride into Creativity....

K.C. Willis whipped into town and set up shop at "Urban Barn".

K.C. is world reknowned for her colorful compositions.
Layers upon layers of vintage crocheted lace, fabric and embellishments were piled two feet deep for your choosing.
This workshop is money well spent with all of the supplies that are furnished and the knowledge gained.

Inspiration was flowing with her ideas and beautiful direction.
K.C. will be riding her "Ranch" back into town in February for a journal...

Ladies, Do you have your lipstick ready?

Thank you Jackie for bringing this wonderful workshop to town.
Here was Jackie's pick to start her canvas...

Love the PinK !


Miss Christine chose vibrant shades of  turquoise to create her canvas that conveyed her destiny of working with inspiring.

Thanks, K.C.
We can't wait to visit again in February.

Linda's on Holiday....

A much needed rest for our fearless leader,
Miss Linda Carpenter.

Although we are missing her joy that she brings The Urban Barn everyday, (especially me) we are wishing her colorful sunsets and cherished memories...


"I Get alittle Help from my Friends..." John Lennon

Miss Tricia Samsal.

"Urban Barn" has one last thank you to a lady who gave us not just alittle but ALOT of help, smiles, support and laughter during our "Grandest Opening".
We could not have done it without this beautiful sunshine-y girl.
Tricia has been a vital part of The Barn's success.
She is business savvy and wonderfully creative. But most of all...Our best friend.
Thanks, Miss Tricia

Check out the latest issue of "Somerset Life" magazine to see Tricia's art brighten up the pages.
Tricia's creations can be purchased at "Urban Barn".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Urban Couture"

Wait until you see what we have up our glittery sleeves with the opening of "Urban Couture" Boutique.
Featuring the amazing "It" Girl of the moment...
Miss Holly Lauren of " The Pink Garage"....
We even have added an in-house Coutuire to alter your clothes on the spot!

Miss Diane Galindo has brought her Cinderella mice and sewing machine to turn out Vintage fit on 
a Princess or a slip-covered chair or two.

August will be full of events, trunk shows and glamour.

This is all in addition to us making even a bigger, better, "Craft Cafe" with seating for at least 50!

This beautiful new space is in high demand for events and photo shoots being scheduled daily....
Stop by and see all the wonderful new changes.

We have our finger on the pulse ladies...
Cutting Edge Fashion meets Vintage Beauty.

"Urban Barn" Grandest Opening....

Many Thanks again to our family and friends for making this "The Grandest Event" Ever!

"Paper Couture" by Miss Julie Nutting

What fun we had at this "Fashionable" workshop with "Somerset" Superstars, Miss Julie Nutting
Miss Beth Livesay.
Each students "Paper Couture" creation was delightful and full of color that reflected everyone's own style.
Isn't that what Art is all about?

Being inspired from another Artist's spark and putting your own spin on it to make it your very own.
So often in our world creations are called copies when we were all inspired at one point from the same thing, adding our own imagination makes that original idea generate hundreds of original creations.
That's flattery... and how this Artist community we live in prospers.

We look forward to hosting Miss Julie in the Fall...
We will be announcing a class date soon.
Spaces are almost full already...
Thank you to the wonderful and talented Julie Nutting!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Retreat, ReThank you

We wanted to give a BIG thank you to Deb & Bob Kennedy of Retreat for spending last weekend with us at the Urban Barn for our Grand Opening. Their treasures were amazing, and we loved having them as our guests. Please visit them on their website and stop in to say hi at the their next show. They are a Treat!

We also wanted to give another BIG BIG thank you to all the vendors that came to show their wares for sale. We appreciate all your blogging efforts, hard work, sweat, and tears. Everyone that pitched in to make our Grand Opening a huge success, you know who all you are. We are still getting emails and comments of gratitude for creating such a magical place. We love what we do here at the Urban Barn and see it as a Gift. We want to keep that gift giving to you.
Here are a few blogs that have posted pics about the Grand Weekend that it was...
If I have missed a blog, please leave a comment with your link and I will update.
Lastly, Thank You to all the vendors inside  the Barn that made their spaces look even more amaizng than they do everyday, all the gals that came to help just because they wanted to. That is best compliment you can recieve, someone just coming to support you and not expecting anything in return. We appreciate you all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Sunday" with a Cherry on Top...

That Smile.

Only Miss Sunday Hendrikson can brighten a room with a flash of her smile and sparkly eyes.
"Urban Barn" would like to Thank Miss Sunday for Guest appearing in our "Blogger Lounge" at our Grandest Opening last weekend.
Sunday intrigued and entertained the wonderful crowds of ladies with her stories of travel far and wide.
This lady is the biggest and best in the business...Her card says it all...

"Divine Stylist at Large"

Her talent and beauty can only be outweighed by her grace and endless sense of style.
Miss Sunday has thousands of shoots and  hundreds of magazine covers to her credit.
We are so appreciative to her for taking time out of her busy schedule to come play with us.

Thank you again, Divine Lady.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Party

Miss Sawyer and Liza-so sassy!
The Americans moved inside to entertain guests while they enjoyed Linda's BBQ Sliders.
Linda and Mary put together a party to remember. The backroom of the warehouse was turned into a real Barn style affair. Thank you to Monique and Patsy for all their hard work with the food prep and serving. Thank you to everyone again for coming to our grand opening. Tomorrow Miss Sunday Hendrickson and Blogger LoUnGe!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Grand Thank You!

Thank You! Merci Beacoup!
We all wanted to give a big Thank You to everyone who came to the Grand Opening of the Urban Barn. It was a huge success and we feel so blessed that there was so much Love and Gratitude in the air. We were blown away by all your kinds words and appreciation for all our hard work. We wanted to make this a Grand Opening like you've never seen. You showed us your loyalty be bringing your friends,mothers,daughters,sisters, and even a few generous husbands, you came out in the thousands! We are so humbled.  Here are some pictures of the two day fun fest! Enjoy and we will see you soon!

We had so many out of town guests, friends near and far.
Sandy & Erica- The Tattered House

Deb & Bob Kennedy of Retreat
Our always colorful Lisa Loria of
The Americans Band, we must say Over the top talented! Thank you!
The Barn's owner Linda blessed us with her recipe for Pork BBQ sliders served on wood planks and potato salad in mini mason jars. So darn cute!
barn tables were filled with our great guests and yummy food!
More to come over the next few days, we are going to rest today, then back to work tomorrow! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Urban Barn

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage Love

How can you not love this vintage green beauty??? One of the true vintage treasures on display at the Urban Barn this weekend. Refreshments set up in the back of Mary's totally vintage '54 Stickbed truck. A photo op if I've ever seen one. Sit in the back in vintage pink metal chairs with one of our special "Barn" glasses for our beer tasting and BBQ. This is what summertime is all about-friends, family, and fun. See you in the morning!

MOre Fun TomOrrow...Shining Stars

May the Stars shine bright for our "Grand Opening" Part Deux tomorrow...
Lots of surprises in store for you....

Beauty and The Barn....

Can you believe how gorgeous these ladies are inside and out?
Miss Whitney Carpenter (co-owner) of "Urban Barn"
Holly Lauren creator of her own magnificent jewelry line that flies out of our doors.
These two young ladies have class, style and charm that can compare to no other...
How Lucky are we?

Vintage Trailer Love

She is sittin' pretty right in front of the barn welcoming all of our sweet customers from near and far.
Come take a peek at her vintage wood floors, crystals chandelier, and cozy linen bed.

Urban Barn opens at 8am tomorrow morning for a full day of fabulous events.  
Get your beauty rest and we'll see you in the morning.

Live jammin' Rockabilly & Americana band "The Americans" will be starting the strummin' at noon...
Enjoy BBQ sliders and Beer Tasting while you swing dance and take a break from shopping....

Once you have refreshed with some elixirs and yummies take a stroll into our 
"Blogger Lounge" from 3:00pm-5:00pm.
Guests will include the most famous Stylist we all know and love, Miss Sunday Hendrickson.

Linda Carpenter, the lady behind the magic that is Urban Barn, will be sharing her time with all of you as well!