Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miss Linda Carpenter....Owner of "Urban Barn", Guest Blogger, Mary

Miss Linda Carpenter.

My beautiful friend, Linda had a glorious vision in June 2007.
"La Maison Rustique"
A wonderful Barn she and her husband, Steve built in the winding green hills of Temecula Wine Country at first to sell antiques...
Who knew it would blossom into a gathering place of artists, friends and clients who endeared us every month with simply a visit.
"La Maison Rustique" was only open one weekend a month.
Linda hand picked the perfect vendors and beautiful treasures that we could only get those few days...

The demand was beyond her dreams and expectations...
Along came what seemed impossible, an Industrial warehouse in DownTown Escondido that only Linda could have envisioned as the"Urban Barn"...
Did you follow us?
Those Garage doors go up in the morning and there is a line to see what Miss Linda has created for us.

Industrial meets Vintage Beauty.

This lady is the hardest working woman I know in the business.
Her eye for the perfect mix of treasures is like no other.
Only Linda would see the beauty in a gray, tattered petticoat..
but when she displays it with her avante garde style of piecing beauty together...
Well, It's simply Fabulous...

I am lucky to call her my friend and Boss Lady...
God looked out for me the day I met this beautiful soul.
I'm sure if you know Linda you feel the exact same way.
All my LOve, My Sweet...
XO Mary


  1. Such a beautiful and true post.. thanks Mary for sharing :) The Urban Barn is absolutely fabulous and is full of amazing gifted and talented girls,... who all share their love and passion with us Wednesday- Saturday with amazing goods.

    Enjoy your week,

  2. That is such a sweet post!! The urban barn is amazing and it is always nice to see a vision come true and grow!! keep it up sweet girl!

  3. You said it perfectly....ditto.
    I think we should make "I love Linda!" tshirts!
    Miss ya girlie.