Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Paper Couture" by Miss Julie Nutting

What fun we had at this "Fashionable" workshop with "Somerset" Superstars, Miss Julie Nutting
Miss Beth Livesay.
Each students "Paper Couture" creation was delightful and full of color that reflected everyone's own style.
Isn't that what Art is all about?

Being inspired from another Artist's spark and putting your own spin on it to make it your very own.
So often in our world creations are called copies when we were all inspired at one point from the same thing, adding our own imagination makes that original idea generate hundreds of original creations.
That's flattery... and how this Artist community we live in prospers.

We look forward to hosting Miss Julie in the Fall...
We will be announcing a class date soon.
Spaces are almost full already...
Thank you to the wonderful and talented Julie Nutting!


  1. Thank you Urban Barn! It was so much fun playing with these talented ladies!

  2. This was a marvelouse surprise! I had a fabulous time!!! Ciao Bella! Tina Capriotti