Friday, October 8, 2010

Paris Montana Returns to the Barn!

Heidi of Paris Montana will be coming to the Urban Barn next weekend Oct. 15th & 16th for our Street Faire! It has been over a year since Heidi made her first appearance at La Maison Rustique and we have all had some changes. We are so lucky to have her at our new location in Escondido! She sells her wares out of her gorgeous little vintage Airstream called  the Blacktop Jewelbox Boudoir! You can step inside and shop til you drop on her sweet little bed inside! Her jewelry has been coveted by country music star Miranda Lambert and the Junk Gypsies of Texas. Her new street salvage line of jewelry will knock your socks off!
Heidi is just barely rested from her trip to Roundtop, TX, but has brought back some amazing finds from the region for you to get your hands on!
And coming along with Heidi from Arizona will be Meg Harper. Meg is super creative talent with a paintbrush. She uses recyled materials such as old ceiling tile tin for her canvas and salvage metals as well. Her motto is "The whole world sparkles when you are doing what you love!" 
She has a smile that lights a room and spirit as colorful as her artwork. Come check out her pieces next weekend with all the other amazing creative ladies we have at the Barn.

Meg paintings will bring a certain whimsy and style to any room you add her paintings to. The Arizona wagon rolls in on Thursday for set up and these ladies will be ready for you on friday! Hope to see you!


  1. LOVE Paris Montana creations and that Airstream is to die-for... I could envision myself fulfilling the wanderlust in such fab style! I'm drooling over that necklace with the Blessed Virgin Metals on it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Met sweet Heidi at several street fairs in the past.....she is truly a sweetie and has the most beautiful items to sell....I believe she is also from my stretch of the woods if I am not mistaken.

    Enjoy her visit and your wonderful fair....wish I could attend.



  3. Cool...I love Paris Montana. I met Heidi last year when you were still in Temecula. I bought a beautiful bracelet...I love it! So excited. Her style is beyond words.