Monday, January 24, 2011

Terri Brush & Julie Haymaker....WOW!


What a weekend!
We were SO honored to have the fabulously Talented
join us this past weekend
for three amazing days of artful workshops.

Terri taught her students to create
"Enchanted Paper Mache' & Soldered Eggs"
"Knitted Sterling Siver Bracelet"
And a
"Crystal Soldered Crown"

Miss Julie taught her students to create
"Magical Necklace"
"Whymsical Doll"
And a
"Heartfelt Wall Heart"

We can't wait for these beautiful and talented women to
come back and fill us with creativity again.
Keep your eyes open for new and exciting workshops and events here at the
Urban Barn.

Our next Weekend Event will take place at the end of February.
Details and registration will be posted soon.


  1. So happy to see the Barn filled with happy and amazing people like Julie and Terri. So wish I could've been there. Great pics and great to see such a great place to teach. Yea! for Linda and all the hard working ladies of the Barn! I'll see you soon!
    Hugs, T

  2. Hi, looks like such a fab fun place to be. I wish... Chrisb

  3. Oh what a fabulous day ! I had so much fun learning to solder an amazing crown!
    OH! Im in 2 of your pics! yay! lol
    Urban Barn is an amazing place, I could live there!
    Im looking forward to taking more class there...