Monday, October 10, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Vintage Bliss

It's just a couple of days away from our next Street Faire and Wicked Ball this friday so we thought we would spotlight another vendor that is coming from afar to share her wares with you: Vintage Bliss. Tricia of Vintage Bliss is just back from Antiques Week in Roundtop,TX and will be bringing some fun vintage goodies for you to shop from! She is here at the Barn every few months from Arizona and always brings this cute little pink and white vintage trailer called the Bliss Lounge.
We've heard she is bringing a great mix of her handmade Halloween goods just in time for your parties and decorating needs!
These rusty old bread tins will be a great addition to your Holiday decor, just picture some hay tossed in the tins, gourds, pumpkins, and berries. Your tabletop is set! And then, Christmas!? You can go wild with these! I know she is bringing several of these, we've even heard she's got a chicken coop in that van of hers!

She even got to hang out with the Junk Gypsies while in Texas a few weeks ago. Hopefully, she got to bring back some goods from them too! Make sure you come for this weekend's Street Faire and Wicked Ball to see what all of our vendors have hand picked just for you!

Urban Barn.

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  1. Tricia is wonderful to meet.I met her out here in AZ. She has so many cool things and her talent of putting it all together is inspiring. Have a fabulous weekend .... Chickie from AZ