Friday, July 30, 2010

"Lipstick Ranch" K.C. Willis' Wonderful Ride into Creativity....

K.C. Willis whipped into town and set up shop at "Urban Barn".

K.C. is world reknowned for her colorful compositions.
Layers upon layers of vintage crocheted lace, fabric and embellishments were piled two feet deep for your choosing.
This workshop is money well spent with all of the supplies that are furnished and the knowledge gained.

Inspiration was flowing with her ideas and beautiful direction.
K.C. will be riding her "Ranch" back into town in February for a journal...

Ladies, Do you have your lipstick ready?

Thank you Jackie for bringing this wonderful workshop to town.
Here was Jackie's pick to start her canvas...

Love the PinK !


Miss Christine chose vibrant shades of  turquoise to create her canvas that conveyed her destiny of working with inspiring.

Thanks, K.C.
We can't wait to visit again in February.

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  1. KC is simply the best!!! love what the gals did with her!!! Wish I could have beamed across contry and been there!!!!