Friday, April 29, 2011

Mark Your Calendars!

Next Street Faire May 20th & 21st!! Hope to see you there!! Come and see what our vendors and dealers have found for you this month!
New vendor-Tara, gorgeoussssss  jewelry creations!

As always Dyanna Cooley of Broke Jewels!  Come and see the place that everyone is talking about!


  1. I always visit your blog, but never comment. I sure hope some day I'll visit. Love ALL your goodies.

  2. Love it all, do you deliver??? I saw you at Round Top and at the blogging party, I'm the girl who was handing out the pink pens with Lillyslace on the side! I wish you were not so far away. How have you been since Round Top? Have you made plans to go back in September? I always like the fall better. I know it's hot as hell but the prom is much more fun. I joined your site and love your blog, stop by and see me. I need major work on my blog but I'm getting there. Hope to see you again-xoxo-cindy